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Prevent the Summer Heat from Roasting Your Servers with this Portable Solution

b2ap3_thumbnail_severs_get_hot_400.jpgTechnically speaking, it needs to be 158°F for a raw egg to become firm. The summer heat doesn't get that hot, but outdoor objects like sidewalks and car hoods that come in contact with it can. Thus the phrase, "It's so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk!" When it's hot outside, you need to keep your server units cool inside.

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The Heartbleed Fallout

b2ap3_thumbnail_heartbleed_fallout_400.jpgLast week, the Heartbleed bug was identified as a weakness in the OpenSSL cryptographic library, potentially leaking two-thirds of the Internet's secure information from any websites utilizing this encryption style. While most major websites such as Google, Yahoo, and Facebook released patches quickly, it does little to actually remediate the problem. Your data could have been leaked over the year-plus that the vulnerability could have been accessed. There is no way to know if it has been compromised.

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What is Heartbleed and Why Do I Care?

heartbleedHeartbleed is a major security hole on Internet Web sites.   Whenever you access a web site to log in or type credit card information, the site “encrypts” your data so it is secure as you type it.  You may notice the difference between “http” and “https” in the web site address in your browser.  The “https” means the web site is encrypting the connection between you and the site so the information you type can only be read at both ends, and not captured in the transmission.  The same technology is also used in many VPN connections, so if you connect to a network remotely you might also be affected. The Heartbleed security hole takes advantage of a security flaw in O...
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The Death of Windows XP

XPLoginThe Death of Windows XP has made its way into the forefront of IT news for the past year. We're only a week away from April 8, the last day of official support.  Customers constantly ask whether their computers will stop running on April 9, afraid that Microsoft has hidden some sort of time bomb into the operating system that would render it unbootable after support ends. No, there are no hidden time bombs (that we know about, anyway). However, once support ends, several major things will immediately happen. 1. Vendors will stop testing software, web sites, and devices with Windows XP. Don't expect the latest version of Quickbooks or that new printer to run on an obsolete operating s...
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Slow Computer? Increase your memory to boost computer Speeds

Sometimes when your workstation feels bogged down, a relatively cheap and simply hardware update can make a huge difference in performance. Adding more RAM (Random Access Memory, often just referred to as memory) can be a game changer for your bogged down PC.

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